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  • Unaccounted lapses of time. A partner’s excuses can range from “working late” to “going to the gym”. Watch out if a spouse suddenly takes up a hobby like tennis or jogging. It’s a good cover for an affair and allows for showering at odd times of the day and a dishevelled appearance.

  • Unexplained gifts such as clothes, perfume or aftershave. Especially in longer-term affairs, lovers will exchange presents. Beware husbands/wives suddenly wearing shirts not in their normal style or sporting a different perfume, which is invariably accompanied by the ready excuse: “I was walking through a department store and the woman behind the counter sprayed this on me.”

  • Forensic evidence. It might sound clichéd but lipstick on the collar is tricky to explain. Also look out for swollen lips from too much kissing, or a woman with a red face caused by rubbing against a man’s stubble. An ultraviolet lamp passed over clothing and bedsheets will show up tell-tale stains.

  • Unusual financial transactions. Tell-tale signs include large cash withdrawals from garage ATM's and the hiding of bank statements.

  • Mobile phone activity. Furtive calls on the mobile are a clear give-away, while indicators include a partner’s mobile phone remaining password-protected, even at home.

Knowing the truth is important. We work hard to provide you with the answers to the questions that are causing you sleepless nights. Our investigators provide you with an impartial and honest investigation into your partner. We understand the highly emotional and distressing time it is for you, Treating you with dignity and respect is only part of how Elliott Commercial help. We provide you with support and assistance throughout the entire investigation process. No large call centres and no being treated like a case number, You speak directly with the investigator handling your investigation at all times.

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